Final mission. Train trip to visit a WW1 grave in Bucharest.

As train stations in Europe go, Constanta and Bucharest are pretty servicable with reasonable places to eat or have coffee while waiting. The train journey to Bucharest, which takes two hours, goes through interesting countryside and crosses over two branches of the Danube before looping into Bucharest.

A short taxi ride got me to the graveyard I wished to visit.



It hosted the grave of a man called Fritz (Friedrich) Hahn, the grandfather of my mother in law. Fritz died in Bucharest of Tuberculosis on the 10th Aril 1917 aged 33 leaving a wife and 3 young children. He shares his grave with two others.


The graveyard was closed for the day so I had to make like spiderman and climb over the high walls.


Nobody from his family had been able to visit his grave until this day. I was not going to let a simple wall stop me after travelling so far. There were hundreds of graves. My mother in law had been in touch with the service in Germany which looks after the maintenance of these graveyards abroad. They had given her a reference which was not quite correct so it took quite some searching to find the grave.

Upon finding it I placed a pot of white flowers for peace on his grave.




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