About the cyclist and bike

James Candon is around about 45 years old. He is not a frequent cyclist but once a year he has departed on bike trips for 4 or 5 days with friends touring someplace in Europe overnighting in bed and breakfasts or small hotels. This is the first time he is touring by bike with a tent.

He is planning to scientifically test the theory elaborated from the works of de Selby in The Third Policeman that when one cycles, atoms from the bicycle become part of the cyclist and vice versa. The test will be to see if the atom exchange is equal in both directions. Therefore the cyclist has been weighed at precisely 114.6kg and the bicycle a “Genesis Croix de Fer” steel framed gravel bike has weighed in at 13.4 kgs (including pedals). Both weighs will be meticulously checked at the end of the experiment.