When you travel with those you know, you will find it easier to meet and engage with new people in new places.

We are building a platform to bring people from different countries together through their shared passion in Rugby.

Many clubs would like to tour abroad most years but don’t always have the network to find a corresponding club to visit. Idemo will pair up clubs and guide the tour creation process. Not only will you find a good match for your club but each clubs members will have to time to grow to know each other online in the days and weeks before the tour takes place. During the tour all of the memories generated will be shared across the platform but only among those members of both clubs who were there. All of these memories will be discretely stored on the platform for future reference. What goes on tour stays on tour!

Idemo will help your club find accommodation at your destination – either with members of your host club in their own homes, in locally available commercial accommodation or a combination of both. We will be coming to you soon to demonstrate how we can help your club organise or host tours, tournaments and training camps.

If you would like to learn more please complete your details below and we will be in touch!