Load out

For FPS fans and anyone else interested, the following is what I will be bringing along with me:

Bike and carrier.

A “gravel” bike (see photo) and a pair of Vaude waterproof panniers and sundry bungies cords.

Food and accessories.

A sharp knife and whatever food I buy along the way.

Rain gear.

One waterproof poncho. I don’t plan on cycling all day long in the rain but I may not have the option. A poncho is lightweight and takes up very little space.

Cycling clothing.

No spandex here (or almost none).  Cycling shorts, regular cargo shorts with pockets, regular T-Shirts (some with sponsors details), socks, jocks, standard training type shoes.

Off bike clothing.

Like the bike clothing except with one long tracksuit bottom, a pullover, swimming togs, waterproof sandals.

Water storage

Two waterbottles in their own holders on the bike frame. Waterbottles can also hold other liquids like juice and stuff.


Sunglasses, sense of humour, guns, money and lawyers.

Tools and spares

Apart from myself:

Tire levers (x2)

Tube patch kit
Air pump
Bicycle multi tool
Bike Tubes (x2)
Air matress patches
Spare rack screws
Spare brake cables
Duct tape
Zip ties, ziplock bags.

Safety gear

Lights, lock, helmet, high visibility helmet.

First aid kid with bandages, disinfectant cream, tape, compresses, good drugs.

GPS, phones, chargers, extra battery packs, bullets, suncream, insect repellant (in case the bullets don’t work), garlic.


Toiletries, testicles, wallet, watch, passport, money, means for acquiring more money before resorting to gun (e.g. bank cards), notebook and pen, collapseable full size keyboard with bluetooth.